Getting started with the txtConsole SMS API

Use the RESTful SMS API to send SMS messages to mobiles. The API can be used to send a message to a single mobile, a message to many mobiles, or a set of scheduled messages.

For frequently used message content that will be merged with details relevant to the recipient, use templates that contain your prepared message content and field placeholders. Phonebooks and distribution lists can also be used to define mobile recipients.

txtConsole's message sending applications can be used via the API to send broadcasts, or send messages to phonebook entries or distribution lists.

Send a single message

Send a message by specifying a mobile number and message text.

  "destination": "447700123123",  
  "text": "Hello World"  

Send to multiple mobiles

Send a message to multiple mobiles by specifying each mobile number and the message text.

     "destinations": [
     "text": "Hello World"